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“Yoga skin”, a proven and professional makeup method – in two easy steps

I recently read in a group that applying detailed glitter to the face is a trend in makeup and it’s called “Yoga Skin”. It took me a while to think and understand the idea and if there was no photographic material I might still be wondering what it was about.

I’m open to new ideas and always eager to learn, years of experience in the profession give me a solid base through which I notice that some names and terms are misinterpreted just because it’s trendy. There is a lot of talk about makeup, watching tutorials (training videos), some of which are created by ignorant people or those who believe that once they can put on makeup for themselves and their girlfriends to go out to a party, they can now they advise how to do it professionally.

“I know that I know nothing” – Socrates’ phrase is the most accurate example of maturity of knowledge. I go into all this detail only because sometimes when I come across a young girl wearing make-up inappropriate to her facial structure, destroying any harmony created by nature, I feel sickened by the lack of knowledge, concept and style. It is wonderful to have quests and to learn. It is important, of course, to be able to judge the correct information that reaches us. It is always interesting and curious to look back in history, in art and in literature and build our own trends.

A make-up style called “Yoga skin” logically derives from the meaning of yoga. At its core, it is pure consciousness, balance and lightness, communion with natural law. It is synchronicity with oneself and nature, it means love for who we are and how we look. Make-up is an aid whose purpose is to emphasize any beauty that nature has already created and to help highlight everyone’s individual features. The thing that makes the biggest impression on me is the accumulation of a lot of makeup. We must learn to keep clean, make-up build-up can be avoided or doused whenever water is splashed on the face and spread with a thick foundation brush. TittaSilkySkills “Message in a Bottle” spray rose water is very suitable for this.

A big part of yoga is meditation. During meditation, the mind is cleared of stress, regenerate cells that give our skin a fresh and youthful radiance. Mental breathing, called prana, supplies more oxygen, which is the key to health. Brightens the appearance of the skin, wrinkles disappear and aging is slowed down.

Step One to Apply Highlighter:

It is most important to first get to know our skin, with its characteristics, before applying all kinds of products on it. First we have to take care of her and then we have to make her up and try to “improve” her. The skin radiates freshness only when it is properly treated.

Step Two:

The secret of highlighter is in the right application and in the right place. Remember that the idea is to radiate purity and, accordingly, light. The line between this and an oily look is fine, thanks to the shimmer of the fine brocade particles that reflect the light. Sculpting the face in the right light will show you which parts of the face require a light and gentle touch to reflect and distract from wrinkles for example around the eye or to give more volume to your lips or simply to lie the hours of sleep , which you miss and erase fatigue. One of the positive points of the highlighter is that it gives a fresh and casual look, like after a tan on the beach, and this directly excludes excess makeup build-up.

The best make-up remains a captivating, energizing, charming and sincere smile.

Breathe in, smile and you deserve to radiate yourself!

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