Winter and dry skin – a nightmare or even worse?

Dry skin – nightmare. Winter – extra nightmare.


What do we do when we have dry skin and we want to get rid of it. We start to rub is with strange brushes and sponges, but it doesn’t fall. Okay… then we start to exfoliate, but the skin – Her Annoying Majesty, gets even worse and starts to flake and crack. How it is possible that we are not in control? But, the thing is, we are not on the right path.


The first serious step is to get over the panic fast. By doing that, we will let the skin breathe and pinpoint its problem. If it is dry anyway, it will show itself to be thirsty for moisture. If it is dry due to the cold, it will crack and even make wounds need quick treatment so there are no further worsening.



It shouldn’t be needed for me to say that preventative measures are most successful in such situations. Just put cream or butter on your skin a few minutes before going out and exposing it to the cold. By doing that, you create a filter which protects it. Under no circumstances should we use creams that are water-based. The thing is not about putting your face under running water, that is why water-based creams are not the right way to moisturize it, because when we expose it to cold weather, it will freeze.

You can moisturize your skin in two different ways. First, drink plenty of water and, second, give it the right treatments for it to regenerate – Vit. E, A and C. Before creating ‘Other Side of Heaven’ I used to buy all these ingredients form the pharmacy and I used to put vitamin capsules on sponges, mixed with oil of my choice, usually from apricot or from sesame, to treat the skin of the actors I worked with.

The combination of ingredients for ‘Other Side of Heaven’ has been improved many times since and the current formula is the lightest and does not oil excessively, just refreshes – exactly what our goal is.


When we’ve missed the moment for intervening and the skin is already cracked, which is sometimes painful and even bloody, there are certain ingredients that help with rapid treatment. I have found that arnica, which can be applied both as a homeopathic medicament and as external treatment, is one of these special ingredients.

Titta SillkySkills’ ‘Fast & Furious’ restorative oil contains a combination of tamanu and sea buckthorns used for wounds and burns, as well as arnica oil. I designed this restorative oil for actors who were wearing prosthetics for a long time, after which they had allergic reaction, so I have added two more necessary ingredients to protect the skin – black cumin oil, known as a soothing and anti-allergic agent, and shea which retains moisture.


The topic for the dry skin is never-ending. My skin has always been incredibly dry and it is prone to deep wrinkles. I have seen my Russian grandmother’s skin as well as my father’s and even though their wrinkles are beautiful and full of stories, I don’t want to have them that soon on my face.


It is important for us to know how to care or our delicate skin.

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