We should live our lives the best way we can

When we are not in the mood, when we think the world has turned our backs and nothing can unburden the situation, the only salvation is to look inward. As a makeup artist, I came to the conclusion that the unsecure woman feels much better under the guise of makeup, jewelery, clothes, and behavior. Under a mask. It is easier to act like someone else because we do not want the people around us to see what we feel unsecure about. But why? Why don’t we trust who we are? Keeping up with fashion trends still makes us a part of the crowd. After all, the “others” are many, and being ourselves is unique.


It all starts with a sincere look in our own self. The solution to our ‘problems’, our self-doubts, is not the application of tones of makeup. It can not wipe out our lack of confidence about our appearance. And its purpose is not that. The skin first needs to breathe, to feel the cleanness inside and outside. This is not done with heavy makeup layers, but with proper hygiene. Nothing shines more beautiful than the truth itself, so it is very important to pay attention to skin care. The products of Titta SilkySkills are designed precisely for this purpose – to help the skin “take care of itself” so that we can safely follow and believe in our self.


We have to learn to love ourselves and to turn uncertainty into confidence, assuming we are unique because of it.

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