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The skin during winter – how to take care of it

The skin has its natural protective properties against the harmful environment. No matter how much we enjoy the beautiful winter – the snow and the sparkling whiteness, our skin accepts these climatic conditions as stress. When the temperatures are low, the air is drier and both the body and the skin retain less water. The layer of natural substances that oil the skin and care for its hydration weakens from the cold wind. This makes the skin very vulnerable.


One way to supplement its necessary ingredients is by applying serum or oil. The skin’s hydration is very effective after shower or at bedtime. It is also important to hydrate it before it is exposed to cold.


Titta SilkySkills Recovery Butter – ‘Fast and Furious’ contains a combination of oils designed to restore natural skin immunity. Arnica oil treats the small dry cracks caused by the cold and regenerates the cells. Shea is one of the best treatments against dryness. It regulates lipid synthesis and helps maintain moisture.

Another suitable product for the winter season is “Moonlight” – an intensive amount of seeds of argan, borage, tamanu and apricot, which help for the protection and restoration of the skin.


The sudden change of temperature from cold to warm also acts as stress for the body. It is good to find a way to moisturize the air around us – at home and at work. It is enough to put a bowl of water next to the heater or next to any other special appliances for this purpose.


Let’s not forget that lips also need protection during the cold season. Raspberry butter in combination with beeswax is quite successful for this purpose. Both Titta SilkySkills balsams contain enough of these substances to care for the softness of your lips.


The most important thing, of course, to keep our smile and good mood during the winter season is to take care of ourselves. It’s never too late to make ourselves a present.

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