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Spring – how to take care of the skin after winter and give it a glow

It’s sunny, it’s getting warmer, we’re putting away the woolen sweaters and scarves. Together with nature, we want to breathe in spring. Yes, it’s here, and who doesn’t want to do a spring cleaning of the home, the wardrobe and the body, similar to the skin. To calm the dryness after the winter season, to regain the shiny and youthful look.
The correct balance of a suitable diet, intake of sufficient fluids, practicing exercises (facial massage) as well as the correct creams are the secret key to success, and persistence is the key.

We’d love to know a secret dug up from the depths of the ocean, guarded and passed down over the years only to queens. Alas, I will disappoint you and tell you that the simpler the recipe, the more effective it is.

*Face masks
Let’s remember what our grandmothers used to say, or at least mine, everything that passes through the hands in the kitchen can be used as a mask and food for the face. Cucumber peel, full of hydrating ingredients, from apple or tomato, which shrinks even varicose veins.

*The exfoliation
The use of a scrub after winter and in general at any time is the process that rids us of dead cells and when it is combined with an oil, then you take double care.

* Ampoule Vit. S
You can find it in any pharmacy. She revives instantly. There are many substitutes in nature, one of the best that TittaSilkySkills has focused on is rosehip, which has a high concentration of Vit C. Rich in Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids, it is a very good moisturizer and easily absorbed .

* Vit. Well
Strongly regenerates, again you can find a capsule in the pharmacy, this was also my skin recovery method before the lab we work with offered me his wheat germ extract. In addition to a huge amount of Vit. Well, wheat germ oil is rich in Vit. D. as also of Vit. A. It is applied to the face using a cotton pad soaked in rose water and rubbed with massaging movements.

The Other Side of Heaven

*Cream mask
In the evening before going to bed, a spoonful of cream or full-fat fresh milk, wash your face, massage and let it absorb, sleep with it and find out why Cleopatra made milk baths.

*Ayurvedic oil (Ghee)
It is not by chance called the golden elixir. By a special method of melting cow butter is made, it is again full of a lot of Vit. A, E and D. Rub into the skin and leave overnight, if you still have oily skin or feel too greasy, blot with a damp warm towel.

*Refreshing with Rose Water as a lotion to wash away the dust and dirt of the day or as a spray to soothe dryness and redness.

I have never been a fan of unnecessary and excessive make-up. For me, the art is to find the right tricks, with which to most imperceptibly correct defects and imperfections on the face. The internet is full of tips and advice on this topic. I only ask you to carefully select the information.

There are a few little secrets that I have found from experience to be refreshing. It’s the ease of applying Foundation. This is a careful and correct application of highlighter (glow) and of course the blush, which if gently and cleverly applied is unnoticeable, but on the other hand it gives blush, tan or blushing. You choose your role.
The best make-up remains the captivating, energizing, charming and sincere smile.

Remember that our tips can only help with your outer beauty, inner harmony depends on you.
Breathe in, smile and you deserve to radiate yourself!

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