Shea butter – its miraculous effect on the skin

The first time I saw the effects of its miraculous effect on the skin was when I was working with actress Marisa Tomei.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about origin, production, trade and chemical composition. It is impressive to know that one of the first European travelers who described the production of butter in his writings was a Scotsman, Mungo Park. He mentions the nutritive properties of the oil and its quality of keeping fresh without salt for a year. Or that 90% of studies show that chocolate makers use shea butter as a substitute for cocoa.

In medicine, it is used as a basis for many medical ointments. Some of the chemical ingredients have anti-inflammatory emollient and moisturizing properties.

In Nigeria, shea butter is used to treat sinusitis and relieve nasal congestion. It is massaged into the joints and other parts of the body where pain occurs.

Marisa Tomei and the movie War Inc. 2008.

A period at the beginning of my quest as a make-up artist. I had already gained experience as an assistant. The producers of New Boyana Films had discovered that along with good acting skills, Marisa was demanding. Then fate met me with her. I will never forget the first day of shooting. I’m terribly worried. The make-up van was parked in front of her hotel entrance. We were waiting for her to get off and start shooting. The excitement of meeting a favorite actress was compounded by the fact that we were behind schedule and everyone would expect me to be quite quick in getting to know us and recreating her image, with no make-up trial and no negotiation for the director’s opinion, my opinion and her view on the image. As always happens in my life, when I am most worried about something, then everything goes smoothly and supported by nature. I remember that she was impressed by some very unknown shadows in a natural shade, which became her favorites. Her assistants had ordered cosmetics and makeup that she was used to working with. Most actors, with the experience gained over the years, are aware of which products and creams work best for them in front of the camera. This is a huge experience for me as well. Each of their favorite brands is a discovery for me and makes me question why they like it.

The foundation she loved at the time, and together we discovered why it worked well for her, was one of the best so far–Cle De Peau. The creamy formula, light and soft texture without being dry or greasy. Perfectly absorbent texture for her skin. The blush is also creamy on a stick, one of the first on the market, it was a little heavy, but spread well, and combined with the Nars embossed shadows it stood perfectly. The creams we used as a foundation smoothed her skin and I thought they had magical properties. At first glance, I read their ingredients list and noticed one recurring ingredient, which was Shea butter.

I dug around and found that at L’Occitane they sell the pure form of the oil. At that time, the brand had established itself on the market as one of the first organic producers of natural cosmetics. And how can you not believe the French.

We experimented with the oil on her lips for the first time, loved how moisturizing it was, and gradually replaced creams with it in our post-shooting makeup ritual. We even took the liberty of trying it on the ends of her hair as a mask.

My introduction to shea butter in application form and working with this amazing actress are experiences that inform my every step in both makeup and TittaSilkySkills. Other side of heaven    The more demanding an actor, the more valuable the lesson. One of the most wonderful moments of my profession remains the friendships that are built on the basis of trust, secrets kept by each other, moments that are only ours.

In conclusion, I can say that shea has the most stable moisturizing properties for me, and that is why it is in the composition of TittaSilkySkills oils on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is an ideal hardener for organic-based products. It is suitable for the skin of the face and neck as well as the skin of the hands and body. Gentle enough and saturated with fatty acid like Omega 9. at the same time, it is well absorbent and does not leave a feeling of greasiness and lack of coverage. It also combines wonderfully with other base and essential oils, which makes it even more desirable.

A small amount melted in the palms is enough to apply to the desired area and enjoy.

Breathe in the stardust, smile and you deserve to radiate yourself!

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