Scotland, Bamburgh – new places, different nature and nationalities

Along with my work, I am lucky to constantly discover new places, different nature and nationalities. Getting to know all kinds of interests, styles and cultures. Believe me, there is no more interesting job than mine. I guess everyone would say that about their favorite job, I just adore mine!

I’m currently flying from Scotland back to Budapest, returning from a short layover and photo shoot around a fairytale location and castle with its modern name of Bamburgh.

I admit that being in this project, I am so overwhelmed and busy. Also due to the fact that I am not with my family I had no desire to go anywhere. The early hours of starting work, when the sun has not yet risen, the overtime we do every day, the lack of organization and as well as again being attacked by a huge amount of stuntmen and mass keep the stress instead of relaxing me. For a long time I wanted to visit Scotland, to find the answer to questions about their culture, music and literature. How is it possible that they have a musical instrument like the bagpipe, which we also have in Bulgaria, but we also have mountains and those fields?

When I shared that I was going to travel to Scotland, everyone was so happy that I even felt bad that I wasn’t happy. I even wrote to my niece who studies in Aberdeen. A close person will always warm our soul, right?

A bus picked us up from Manchester airport and we had about 3.4 hours to go to this fabulous town, which I quickly looked up on the Internet so that I wouldn’t be completely uninformed about where I was going. My colleagues and I discussed how much easier it is to get to Banburgh from Edinburgh airport, only an hour away, but when traveling in a group of around 40 people, it’s difficult to find seats. Of course, rain greeted us and that added weight.

We are in the bus for half an hour, foggy windows, rain, everyone is speaking Hungarian enthusiastically, I catch only a few words, guess what they are talking about, but it is not easy to enter into a conversation. And the driver has the fastest and strongest accent, and even though I imagine my English is good, I found it easier to keep quiet and give my mind time to adapt.

In the silence of my thoughts, leaving the traffic jam, I looked out the window: pure colors. Flowers through which the sun does not pass. Clear and insightful. The green is dense as much as it is transparent. The sky is cobalt and gray. I immediately compared it to the sky in Holland. It was mostly ultramarine there, nothing to do with what we have in Bulgaria, Lively and playful, with a huge palette of various shades of blue. Now I see Primary colors contrasting with yellow rape fields. Unique! Beautiful! Invigorating nature! For a moment my heart and soul rejoiced, and from that moment all doubt about my journey vanished. Everything lined up again in the right direction of my thought, positivity, and karmic consistency. I calmed down, the stress disappeared and all my worries about work evaporated. I realized that every note of nature reflects the character of the Scots, their faces and facial expressions. Gentleness and peace, white skin, clear bright eyes, almost without eyebrows and eyelashes. They are so connected to the nature around them that there is no way to mistake their nationality.

We stood on the beach below the castle, reenacting the scripted battle, surrounded by the calm of the sea, the stone that is dark, black, and a bush that blooms in yellow. Rich, so much so that I began to think that the only hair color that the locals should have is exactly the orange ginger color. There is no other hair that fits into this atmosphere of colors and lightness, wind and moisture. The sky is transparent white, and the condensation over the water is mystically legible. Those bright orange curly hairs, disheveled and tousled, freckled face and transparent skin are fabulous.

I thought of a movie I saw when I was a teenager, captivated by the romance and Gerard Butler’s accent, Postscript: I Love You. Ireland! I remembered how they walked along paths surrounded by stone fences and flowers along them. Is the same! The roads are separated by well-trimmed bushes or low stone fences on which plants and flowers grow, behind them some green fields and sheep peacefully enjoying themselves. I am so happy that the “P.S. I Love You” lip balm that TittaSilkySkills produced has this romantic and light touch. The same flowers and a feeling of freedom, tenderness and softness.

P.S. I Love You

It’s wonderful to travel and I’m happy that I manage to give you every trip of mine through everything I do!

Breathe in, smile and you deserve to radiate yourself!

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