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P.S. I Love You

A balm that has a matte feel and saturates the lips like love at first sight. Remains for a long time, keeps the softness and moisture. Contains beeswax that builds a thin film on the skin. It is perfect both for cold, windy weather and for warm days. The combination of camellia oil, raspberry seed and rosehip oil soothes very chapped and cracked lips, protect against drying and acts as a shield for UV rays. It is available in a paper tube of 10 ml.

Love Actually / Limited Edition

ChristmaSS limited edition lip balm, with double the feeling of protection, double the joy of cinnamon orange scent, double SS for Silky Skills. A necessary product that soothes the skin, protecting it from the effects of the environment. Pocket size for your care and mood in autumn and winter. It is available in a paper tube of 10 mg.