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Brush Away

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Forget about dry and exhausted skin and let's hydrate it like with a brush! This cosmetic antiaging kit will take care of your skin and hydrate it deeply. In the set you can find four natural products that are ideal for the cold months. Each of the products in the set is suitable for a different area around the eyes, and together they can make your skin look brighter and softer. "Brush Away" is a suitable gift both for you and for a loved one or relative!

After Sun Care

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A seasonal kit that combines the care of withered and exhausted skin after the hot and sunny months in three products. Regular use of the tonic has a clarifying and filling effect. Kojic acid, in its property of an exfoliating agent, combines well with arbutin and niacinamide and is an excellent blocker for the formation of melanin, taking care of the fading of pigment spots and providing skin lightening. They promote its elasticity, preserving its moisture and delaying aging. The H2O serum is an excellent hydration booster, structuring and strengthening all layers of the skin. Evens skin tone as hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and creates volume and density. Makes your skin supple. Butter for sensitive skin is suitable for both body and facial skin. The healing oils of arnica and calendula are combined with the healing oils of tamanu and sea buckthorn. The regenerating effect of the ointment is a wonderful finish to skin for recovery after winter!

Under the surface

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Where there is a beginning there is an end! Make-up set, which includes the necessary products: And all this gathered in a beautiful handmade – Hemp pouch from Margita Gosheva- Margita Gosheva

Urban care

Intensive care in urban conditions. Day and night routine for basic skin maintenance, its regeneration and refreshment. A combination of caffeinated and buckwheat oil with baobab serum and lip balm that leaves a gentle note of Palmarosa! The "Urban Care" set combines three invaluable products for skin maintenance at any time! The price includes: "Far and Away" eye cream with caffeine and buckwheat content. Aluminum box of 15 ml. Serum "Moonlight" - baobab oil in combination with 14 other base oils. bottle of 30 ml. "P.S. I Love You" Lip Balm. Recyclable tube of 10 mg, with a delicate aroma of palmarosa and the care of sea buckthorn.