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Stealing Beauty Facetonic

"Stealing Beauty" face tonic, with hyaluronic acid and kojic acid. It is quickly absorbed by the skin without greasing it. Regular use of the tonic has a clarifying and filling effect. Blocks the synthesis of melanin, thus taking care of the pigment spots on the skin, increases the moisture content in the upper cell layers, restores its normal hydrobalance and strengthens its resistance. Kojic acid is a depigmenting agent. It can help fade scars by reducing dark pigmentation, treat melasma - the darkening of the skin during pregnancy. It has an exfoliating effect when rubbed with a cotton swab, which helps to further cleanse the skin. Antibacterial property, prevents skin, fungal infections as well as the appearance of acne. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for maintaining the fresh and radiant appearance of the skin, it hydrates the skin as a moisturizer. It maintains the optimal hydrobalance of the skin, increases its elasticity and slows down the aging process. It literally draws moisture from the air into the skin and helps hydrate the entire skin through circulation. Thanks to this mode of action, the dermatological effect of hydration is many times greater than that of a product based on water and fat.