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Fast and Furious

"Fast and Furious" really restores and soothes. The combination of the three effective oils - arnica, calendula, sea buckthorn with tamanu and shea butter helps the cells to regenerate and restore the freshness, smoothness and tenderness of the skin. Creamy formula with soft texture in a pleasant aroma of orange and juniper that acts as a shield against the harmful impact of the environment. I came up with this product after seeking treatment for the allergic reactions of some actors to a prosthetic. Their skin after its 12-hours-use gets allergic reactions, rashes or ,in the best case – redness. Available in a 50 ml aluminum box

Far and Away

Butter for the eye contour area. Caffeine and buckwheat oil have proven drainage properties. Creamy oil for the sensitive and tinny skin around the eyes. It significantly reduces puffiness, dark circles and loss of elasticity. Available in a 15ml aluminum box