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Eye contour – the area which needs special care

The skin around the eyes is finer and more sensitive than the rest of the face. This is due to the smaller fatty layer under the skin, which contains a lower percentage of collagen and elastin.

During the youth, the only factor that affects this area is the harmful environment – the sun, the wind, the cold, all of which cause the appearance of small delicate wrinkles. We do not always realize how this will affect our skin in the future.


After youth, collagen slows down its function and, accordingly, the elastic process also does. Wrinkles then become more noticeable. When the muscles weaken and can not keep the skin stretched, the wrinkles deepen, the regeneration slows down significantly, the moisture storage is minimized.

There are three main problems that we usually only analyze when they appear and become visible. These are the dark circles, the puffy bags under the eyes and the wrinkles. They are primarily due to dehydration, lack of vitamins. The use of poor quality or inappropriate cosmetic products can also cause an allergy that is more acute in this area. Other causes may be genetics or health problems such as kidney, liver or iron deficiency. Fatigue and stress are always one of the greatest enemies of the skin around the eye.


We offer several measures to be taken before the above problems arise:


* Wear glasses, which protect the retina

* Use creams that protect from the sun and which prevent excessive pigmentation.

* Sleep well.

* Minimalize salt consumption, because salt holds water in the form of drains. Accordingly, no crying – less tears means less salt around the eye.

* Avoid makeup. It leads to pores clogging, lack of moistening and many infections and allergies.


And, as I always say, happiness and smile are the most wonderful healer for any beauty problem! So don’t stress, just relax!


However, if we have already faced the fact that there is a problem – here are some suitable solutions:


* Put ice cubes, which tighten the pores and stimulate blood circulation.

* Tea compress. Preferably, antiseptic chamomile tea or tannin-green tea. Soak it for 10 minutes in hot water, cool it and put it as a compress on your eyes.

* The cucumber contains an astringent substance with clamping properties. Put cucumber slices on the eyes as they are always beneficial.

* Rose water is the best remedy against the aama. As mentioned in the article on Ayurveda, aama is a pathology of improper digestion or a ratio of the three constitutions of the body (the natural forces).


We at Titta SilkySkills care for the eye area with a combination of drainage oils from coffee, buckwheat and grapes. The oil ‘Far and Away’ acts against all the problems discussed above. The boaba is used for the treatment of dark spots, borage and argan – against wrinkling, and the pumpkin seed oil helps tightening. Shea keeps the moisture in the epidermis.


Another suitable product is ‘The Other Side Of Heaven’. It contains vitamin E which nourishes, hydrates, regenerates and strengthens the skin. It contains antioxidants and improves blood microcirculation. The other ingredients – vitamin C, buckwheat oil and cucumber oil, make this product very light, but very efficient.


“Message In a Boottle” is basically rose water in the form of a spray. You can freely use it as a compress on your eyes or you can just clear the skin on your face with a sponge.


Remember, our advice can only help you to improve your skin externally. Internal harmony is up to you.

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