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Essential and basi oils, which is good for the skin

The basic mistake everyone makes is to put the essential oils and the base oils in one category, because they are both called ‘oil’. The difference is not insignificant, and the need to explain it is for the sole purpose of avoiding doubts about the origin of ingredients in my products.


Base oil is the oil extracted from the saturated parts of the plant – seeds, nuts and fruit stones by pressing. It does not evaporate at high temperature. It is usually used as an oil diluent of essential oils that can irritate or redden the skin with its concentration. Base oils have a structure that is very close to human fat and therefore easily penetrates the skin. They help the skin absorb the otherwise difficult to absorb essential oils. Base oils do not have unlimited life – because of their high fat content, they oxidize over time. Therefore, vitamin E, which acts as a natural preservative, is very common in cosmetic mixtures. In fact, some of the base oils contain natural tocopherols (vitamin E) – their antioxidant effect not only prolongs their life but also has a beneficial effect on the skin. Some base oils (such as cocoa, coconut, and shea butter) are hardened at lower temperatures. Base oils can easily penetrate into the epidermis and have the ability to give the skin softness, elasticity, smoothness, nourishment and moisture. Base oils are active biostimulators of physical, chemical and biological processes – normalizing cellular metabolism, promoting normal blood circulation, restoring cell structure and function, regulating metabolism, helping to nourish in depth and hydrate the skin.


Essential Oil:


Essential oils are extracts from the root, bark, stem, leaves or other aromatic structures of the plant. In English they are called “essential” because they capture essence, the soul of the herb / tree. There are different extraction methods such as steam distillation, cold pressing, and solvent extraction. Essential oils have light texture, strong aroma, high concentration and quick evaporation. It is by their speed of evaporation that they are divided into basic notes, heart-notes and top notes. This is also the reason your perfume smells differently immediately after you spray and a few hours afterwards. In cosmetics, precisely because of this strong concentration of extract, the skin can react with redness or rash. If we need to sum up, base oils have a supportive effect, and essential oils – healing.


Titta SilkySkills is a cosmetics designed specifically to avoid allergic reactions. It is therefore entirely based on base oils. The only ointment in which essential oils are added is the one, which is intended to treat pimples, redness or bites. It is something like a pocket first-aid and that’s why it’s called “Bounty Hunter”.


I would like to add one last explanation for mineral oils. When we hear ‘minerals’, each of us associates nature, safety and security. However, it is not always the case. Mercury and arsenic, for example, are also entirely natural substances. Mineral oil can also be found under the name “liquid paraffin”, and it is actually a residual product in the distillation of oil. Oil is formed from dead microorganisms, and in this sense, it is organic. The mineral oil itself is low-quality, cheap for production, has no color or smell and is used in many cosmetic products, especially baby foods. It is, however, hard to absorb by the skin and clogs the pores. It gives a false sense of moisture, forming a greasy film on the skin, preventing it from breathing and obstructing the natural process with which the body removes toxins. Last but not least (important for the vegetarians), let’s not forget that mineral oil is not a vegetable product.


It is always good to make a test of the oil you are going to use. On the inside of the wrist or behind the ear, apply a few drops and wait for 24 hours or at least one night. Always check the expiration date and method of storage. Base oils are stored in a dry and cool place. It’s great if they are in dark bottles to have no direct sunlight.

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